Chronos and Kairos

The ancient Greeks had two words for time; chronos and kairos 


Chronos is the time in which we live, sequential time that we sometimes call the fourth dimension but, unlike the first three dimensions, we have no freedom of movement within it. We can only travel with it, in a constant direction at a constant rate, although sometimes we perceive it to go slower or faster in some situations or under some circumstances. Many older people perceive time to run faster than the young.

Kairos is a time of rightness, an opportune moment, a moment in which something special happens. We might think of Kairos as God’s time, when events of his choosing happen at the moment he has chosen for them.

Although we mortals have no option but to live in chronos, we must never forget God’s time, Kairos, and so we should try to divine the significance of events around us in relation to God’s purpose and his choosing of the moment.

We can’t move through time but, God does allow us glimpses into the past. Look up at the stars, into the ‘heavens’ and remember that what you are seeing is not the stars as they are now, you are seeing them when their light left them, thousands, millions, even billions of years ago but to God, that time might be no more than the time of a blink an eye or the moment between two heartbeats.

There’s time for you and me and there is Kairos; God’s time.

Perfect Moment.


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