Packing It All Away

NativityTwelfth night has come and gone so if you haven’t already packed away your Christmas decorations and taken down the tree, today is the day to do it. Mine are now all boxed up in the spare bedroom, waiting for me to put them back in the loft until next Christmas. Whilst taking them down, I was reminded of a short story which I am going to re-tell. I make no claim to be the author, nor do I know its origin but I think it worth relating as we put away Christmas:

As the Cook family was taking down their Christmas tree and packing away the Christmas decorations, their young son, Freddie, was taking the characters off of the shelf where the Nativity scene had been laid out. One-by one he had put them by the the box his mum was packing all the other decorations back into.

When only the Nativity set  was left to be packed away, Freddie’s mum noticed that one of the characters, the baby Jesus, was missing from the set. After a quick look around to see if she could find him, she asked Freddie if he had seen the missing character. Freddie’s reply was that “Jesus didn’t want to be packed away with the Christmas decorations until next year”.


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