My Christmas

The big day is over and to be honest, I’m quite relieved. As a Christian, I do remember that Christmas Day marks the birth day of our Lord Jesus Christ; yes, I remember that for all of 5 minutes early on Christmas morning. Then, drive over to spend Christmas with relatives.

Part of that drive is perhaps, for me, the most enjoyable part of Christmas Day. It’s one of those, ever so, few days when driving is almost a pleasure because there is so little traffic on the roads. The best bit of the drive though that I really enjoy, is listening to Radio 2’s program, Junior Choice hosted by Ed (Stewpot) Stewart, playing the songs I remember from my youth. It’s the simple joy of singing along with songs like Puff The Magic Dragon, Jacquie’s White Horses and The Seeker’s song Morning Town Ride.

The rest of Christmas Day is taken up with the annual routine of presents, Christmas Dinner and mostly awful television, although I do confess to enjoying the Doctor Who Christmas special.

These days the presents don’t bother me. I would be quite happy with a few cheap, fun things. There’s not much I need or want; I’m lucky enough to be able to afford the things I need, without thinking about the cost, and to afford the things I want without thinking about it too much. I still remember the days though when I had to think carefully about how I spent my money; the days when I had to prioritise spending on what was necessary and buying something I wanted was a real treat.

Now that ‘the big day’ is over, I can enjoy the rest of this Christmas period without all the enforced jollity of Christmas Day. These days, I seem to enjoy Boxing Day, December 26th, more than Christmas Day itself.

Boxing Day is when I find I can really to relax, without all the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day. A simple but tasty lunch of cold meat with Bubble-and-Squeak and a nice beer to go with it. Just as enjoyable and tasty as Christmas lunch and, since I serve myself, I don’t get given a plate plate twice as big as I want. The rest of the day I can read a little (current book Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal, by Jeanette Winterson), write a little (this post) and watch a little tv (I hope there’s something good on this evening).

I hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you a Happy New Year.


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