Intercession Prayer For Sunday 8th December 2013.

Prayer1-1-small.jpgEternal God, source of all peace; in this season of Advent as we wait for Your son to come again, may Your Holy Spirit guide our thoughts and our words as we offer them back to you in our prayer.

Lord Jesus Christ, as we sing familiar carols and listen again to well loved passages of The Bible as we approach Christmas, touch our hearts again with the wonder and excitement of Your birth.

All around us we see advertisements and commercial persuasion to spend, spend, spend ever more on bigger, more extravagant gifts. Whatever size gifts we might give or receive, let us not forget why we give them and who’s birthday they celebrate. Help us Lord to give with love and to receive gracefully.

Christ was born of the line of Jesse and David. A perfect human born from a lineage of flawed, imperfect human ancestors. Although we can never achieve His purity, we can, with God’s help, aim to constantly become more caring and compassionate like He was.

Lord in your mercy, hear this prayer.

In this week’s news, our Chancellor in his governments Autumn statement told us that the national economy is showing signs of recovery. Let us pray for everyone for whom the recovery brings no benefit. In this winter we pray for all those in fuel poverty, the people and families who cannot afford to heat their homes as we can, and especially we pray for those who must choose between heating and eating.

We pray also for everyone whose hot meals come from foodbanks, which are feeding ever growing numbers of people.We thank you Lord for the volunteers who run the foodbanks and for the generosity of those who donate. We thank You for the food on our own tables and for the family, friends and companions with whom we break bread. For these and all your freely offered gifts, we thank You.

Father God, creator of all life. In Your wisdom you gave life to Nelson Mandela, who died this week. The world will remember him as a great statesman who, after 27 years in Robin Island Prison, as a political prisoner, rose to lead his country that he loved without bitterness or anger but in a spirit of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness.

As the world remember the great leader, his family will remember a loving husband and father. We pray for them that they will find peace and comfort amidst the commotion and tumult of the state funeral, and that they are not harried by media, eager for a story, in their time of grief.

God who brought us to birth.
and in whose arms we die,
comfort Nelson Mandela’s family
and all who have lost loved ones,
in their time of mourning.

We pray for everyone in Europe and Britain who were affected by storms this week. We remember those whose homes have suffered damage, from wind and flooding, and especially for anyone whose home has been destroyed beyond repair or washed away. We thank You, Father for the emergency and rescue workers that worked tirelessly throughout to save life and property and we thank you too for the blessing of our own homes and safety.

Heavenly Father, we turn to you now to ask for healing those in pain in mind, body or spirit. Sometimes, Lord, with Your strength and guidance we are able to assist in a small way in curing them but we know that true healing comes only from You; a gift of your grace given freely and unconditionally to those in need of it. We pray also for ourselves as we each bring to you the cares and concerns in our own hearts.

Father in heaven,
our hearts seek the warmth of your love
and our minds search for the light of Your Word.
Increase our longing for Christ our Saviour
and give us the strength to grow in love,
that the dream of His coming again
might find us rejoicing in His presence
and welcoming the light of His truth.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer for the sake of Your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Please feel free to download this prayer as a pdf file Intercession 131208.



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