Phoenix J, Singer/Songwriter: Review

Let The Phoenix Fly

I recently spent an evening at a rather nice bistro, at which the evening’s entertainment was supplied by singer/songwriter Phoenix J. I have heard this performer sing many times but not actually at a venue where she was performing; this was my first visit in person to hear her sing and I’m so glad I was able to be there.

As any reader of my blog will know, my reviews are few and far between and are subjective and personal. I say what I think and feel, not what I think a professional reviewer/writer, who is paid to be objective, might.

In this case saying what I feel is easy; I had a delightful evening with the warm, elfin like, Phoenix J as she performed a mix of classics and of her own compositions. The best thing about the wonderful performance was that Phoenix did not use backing tracks. Phoenix’s voice was beautifully complemented by her own talent accompanying herself with piano and guitar.

Phoenix recently released a new album, Let The Phoenix Fly (yes, of course I bought a copy). If you know the legend of the phoenix bird, you will remember how it is said to have risen from ashes. For Phoenix J, there are no ashes to rise from but when it comes to flying, this just might be where she begins to soar, her voice drifting on the wind high above like a siren’s call (yes I know it’s a mixed metaphor) enticing you closer.

If you don’t know Phoenix’s work, take a look on her own website, or drop in to one of her Second Life live performances. You can also find this lovely, warm performer on YouTube and on facebook.


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