Potential Energy: Pondering The Holy Spirit

I can just about remember from years ago, at school, a science lesson that was all about energy. There are so many different types of energy; a few of them are thermal energy. electrical energy, nuclear energy, magnetic energy. These and all the other types I have not mentioned divide into two basic groups; potential energy and kinetic energy.

Without going in to a long rambling scientific discourse, potential energy can be thought of as stored energy, waiting to be used and kinetic energy is energy due to motion, or some kind of work being carried out. Energy can be transformed, by a transducer from one type to another; for example in a loudspeaker, the transducer, electrical energy is transformed into sound. Maybe we could think of The Holy Spirit as our source of potential energy, and that through us, its transducers, we can transform it into kinetic energy.

Consider, for a moment, an electric cell, or battery (multiple cells) as it is more commonly, although usually incorrectly, called. It is essentially a device to store energy, which with modern technology does so fairly efficiently, yet no matter how much energy (electricity) it can store, on its own it is useless. The cell just sits on a shelf or in a drawer and does nothing. The cell or battery needs something to impart its energy to, to do something useful and to do something useful it needs something to transduce/transform that energy. The cells could be put into a torch to shine light, into a mobile phone to communicate or into a power tool, a drill perhaps to cut a hole. The cell is only useful when it has something into which it can transfer its energy that will transform it to a useful state.

Now think of the Holy Spirit like a cell. It is full to overflowing with limitless potential energy, more than any cell or battery could ever store. It will never need replacing, never need recharging. It will never run out.  Like a cell or battery though, The Holy Spirit is useless on its own. It can do nothing without something, or in this case, someone, through which to channel its energy.

The Holy Spirit needs people; it needs you and me to transform, channel and to use its energy. With the power of The Holy Spirit we can shine its light around us, we can do its work and we can communicate God’s word. It is up to us whether we are a shining beacon, or a candle. A whisper or a shout, A builder of sheds or temples.

The Holy Spirit’s power is there for anyone to tap, so let’s not just keep it on the shelf full of potential energy. Let’s start shining some light.

“To what will you look for help if you will not look to that which
is stronger than yourself?” ― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity


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