Intercession Prayer For Sunday 21st June 2013

Eternal Father, who through your son Jesus Christ gives us freedom in Your laws and guides us with Your Holy Spirit to live by them, we ask you to hear this prayer for Your church, Your world and for ourselves.

 Prayer1-1-small_thumb.jpgIn Your scriptures, Paul reminds us that freedom is not found in blind obedience to the word of the law. We find it in the essence of its intent when we let Your Spirit guide us (Galations 6). In the freedom that we enjoy, we thank you Father but we remember those who are not free. We pray that someday all will know freedom:

Freedom from slavery.
Freedom from oppression.
Freedom from violence and war
and the freedom that comes only through Your word and through Your son.

When we hear in the news, of war and violence in countries far away from us, like Syria and Egypt, so often we think of the place, not the people; the population not the individuals. To remind ourselves of all who are caught up in violence and conflict are individuals, let us pray or one person and her family:

We pray for Nadia, who came to a Red Crescent aid mission in Jordan, fleeing from Syria with her daughter Wade and her disabled twin sons Ali and Omar, whose home was destroyed You gave Nadia the strength she needed to carry her boys to safety traveling for four days through difficult, dangerous country. We pray that Nadia’s family will find a new home and that she will find work, so that she can support her children.

We pray with thanks for the help provided by the Red Crescent aid organisation; for the food, medicine and medical care they give to people in crisis. Today, whilst remembering all aid workers, we pray for Razan, working in Jordan and risking her life for the safety of others; people she does not know and may never see again.

We have named just two people, Lord, but you know the names of each and everyone who is in danger.

Forty four years ago on the 20th July 1969, a Bible, a silver chalice and sacramental bread and wine was opened in the Eagle lunar lander resting on the Sea of Tranquility. One of Buzz Aldrin’s first acts soon after Mankind’s first landing on the moon,was to take Holy Communion.

Father above, from your Heaven you gave man the ability, the spirit of adventure, courage, intelligence and imagination to take that ‘small step’ to exploring the heavens we see with our eyes and our instruments. We thank you for giving mankind these traits, and for the benefits and progress we enjoy today that came from your gifts enabling our exploration beyond the planet you gave us, with our tiny footsteps into your infinite realm.

 Heavenly Father, as mankind learned to travel further into your universe, may we learn too from Jesus on the odyssey he would lead us. Let us learn from Him as Mary did whilst sitting at Jesus feet, as a student would their Rabbi, in the home she shared with her sister, Martha (Luke 10: 38-42).

As another school year ends, we pray for the young people who will be seeking work or preparing for further education .Guide them Father in the path through life you have laid out. We remember too those taking a gap year before university, who are giving that time and energy to work for your glory in missions around the world. And, for the children on summer holiday, who will return to school in the autumn, we pray for their holiday clubs and those who run them for the youngsters giving them purpose and safety.

Lord and Father, through your son, Jesus Christ you brought healing to this world. We ask you now to heal those we know who are broken in mind, body or spirit; those that may be cured but still need the healing that only comes from you, and in a few moments of silence we each bring to you the cares and concerns in our own hearts.

Clarify me, please, 
God of the galaxies,
Make me a meteor
Or else a metaphor

So lively that it grows
Beyond its likeness and
Stands on its own, a land 
That nobody can lose. 

God give me liberty
But not so much that I
See you on Calvary,
Nailed to the wood by me.

Merciful Father, accept this prayer for the sake of Your son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Click to download and print this prayer.

Note: Final poem, Clarify, from  Extending The Territory, 1985 by Elizabeth Jennings


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