Andre’ Rieu’s Summer Concert: Review

No, I was not in the Vrijthof Square, Maastricht, Holland, where the concert was performed. I saw it in my local cinema, watching a live broadcast; it was worth every penny for the tickets. If it was that good on the big screen, I can only imagine what the atmosphere must have been like for the people who were there. 

AR13Andre, himself an accomplished violinist, performed with his orchestra, the Johann Strauss Orchestra, which he founded in 1987; they were brilliant. Now don’t let ‘orchestra’ put you off, it’s not full of old stuffy guys in dark suits playing stuffy old music; well ok, they did wear dark suits. The ladies of the orchestra were all in magnificent, colourful ball gowns. And it’s not just the ladies that were colourful and magnificent, so was the music from a classic or two you’d expect from an orchestra, to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah and You’ll Never Walk Alone, from Carousel.

 There were thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of people in the square taking in the spectacle and enjoying every minute of the show, in the warmth of the summer evening. From time-to-time, the audience would join in, give voice to some of the music that was played. An apology here, I don’t know what the audience sung, it was in Dutch, but I can tell you this, the sound of all those voices raised together in joyful song was, was, … well you had to hear it.

This was a double first for me: the first time I went to the cinema not to see a movie, and the first time I had seen and heard Andre’ Rieu’s orchestra. After my enjoyment that evening you can be sure I shan’t miss seeing him perform again, if I get the opportunity. Maastricht 2014 here I come; well, I can dream can’t I!

 … “if you can’t live together in joy and harmony, how can
you expect to give beautiful concerts?” – Andre Rieu


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