On the day that we now call Pentecost, Acts 2 tells us that the disciples spoke in many tounges, or languages, to many people. Each person present heard them say in their own language the message the disciples were giving. The Bible lists at least 15 different places from which people present had come (Acts 2: 9 – 11), and each of those places would have had their own language.

So did the disciples actually speak in many languages? I don’t think that they did; I think that the disciples each spoke in their own native language, then God translated the words they spoke for each of the people there, into their own language, so that they would be able to understand the message.

Some of the people present said they thought that the disciples were drunk, so they made fun of them. Perhaps these people who ridiculed the disciples could not hear in their own language but heard only gibberish, or they heard in the disciples own native tounge, a language they might not be able to understand. Might it be that only those who were ready to hear the word of God, accept the Holy Spirit and believe in and follow our Lord Jesus Christ could understand?

I don’t know but it is at least a possibility that, that is why some of the people there mocked the disciples and laughed at them.

Tounges Of Fire

A roaring like wind
assaulting their ears
not understanding,
terrified, many fears.

Tongues of fire,
dancing above,
the Holy Spirit,
spreading God’s Love,

Speaking to all
many voices, one word
spreading the message,
Of the risen Lord

Thousands come,
to the call of the few
Repentance, Baptism
Christianity new.


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