Intercession Prayer For Sunday 12th May 2013


Heavenly Father, who promised through your Son Jesus Christ to hear our prayer; we offer this prayer in thanks and praise and concern for our world, whether it is the world we know outside our own front doors or the world we don’t see, that is far away.

On this Sunday after Ascension, whilst we await the coming of Your Holy Spirit at Pentecost, we give thanks for the time spent among your people of your greatest gift to us, Your Son Jesus Christ. On Ascension day, He left the physical world You gave us but he lives on in our hearts and in the hearts of all who believe and choose to accept him as their Lord and Saviour. May His light shine still on the world through each of us and as He prayed for all believers, in today’s reading, so we also pray now for all believers and for the doubters and unbelievers, that they may in time find You, our Lord.

Father we ask Your blessing on all who will help during Christian Aid week . We give thanks for each of the volunteers who will be giving their time, to deliver and collect the envelopes. We pray that all who receive an envelope will be generous that wisdom is given by Your Holy Spirit so that those who distribute the money collected, will do so wisely.

We ask and trust that Your peace will be brought to the places we hear about in the news and the places we do not. We pray especially for Syria and ask You to give hope to the afraid, wisdom to those who strive to find a peaceful solution, conscience to those in command, and a sense of mercy to the soldiers and militias.

God of peace, in whom is found calm and harmony, heal the divisions that divide one from another, man from man, country from country, and bring all into unity of love in You, through Your Son.

We give thanks for the news of a slowing of the decline of the Church, with some places experiencing growth and rising attendance. We pray that Your plan for us will show us how to grow both in attendance and in depth of faith. May our faith in Your Son Jesus Christ, show each of us in our own way, and together as Jesus’ collective body how we can best spread Your Gospel.

God of the living word,
give us the gift of faith to hear your message,
the wisdom to understand it,
the will to live by it
and the courage to spread it.

As the time of exams approaches for our young men and women, we pray that they will achieve the grades they need for the future they seek, with the guidance of Your Holy Spirit. We thank You for the dedication, knowledge and experience of all their teachers whether professional and formal, or voluntary and informal.

Healing and redeeming Father, we name before you those for whom we give thanks for Your healing touch and those we know in need of it. And in a few moments of quiet, we give You in our hearts our own thanks, concerns, and praises.

God of work and rest and pleasure,
grant that what we do this week may be for us an offering not a burden;
and for those we serve may it be the help they need.

Merciful Father,
Accept this prayer for the sake of Your son,
our Saviour,
Jesus Christ.

Anyone is welcome to add their own prayer in comments or to make a request for prayer.


3 thoughts on “Intercession Prayer For Sunday 12th May 2013

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