A Christian Education

On BBC Radio 4’s lunchtime programme You And Yours, on 7th May the topic was the slowing in the decline of The church in the UK. Part of the programme was around church schools and I was somewhat unpleasantly surprised by some of the views expressed, both by guests and callers to the programme.

Two aspects, in particular I feel I should comment on.

1. Parents who attend a church simply to get their child into a particular Christian school:

Obviously this is both hypocritical and dishonest, albeit that one parent might understand the desire of another to get their child into a good school. Of greater concern is that by this hypocritical, dishonest act, children from true Christian backgrounds might be denied places.

2. Support of church schools by taxpayers (usually, wrongly, called government) money:

The caller who addressed this aspect did not think taxpayers money should be spent on these schools. He had clearly never thought that. the parents of the children attending church schools are taxpayers and so are as entitled as anyone to give their child taxpayer provided education.

I also find it strange that if parents think that a Christian education is so good, does it not occur to them how Christianity itself might also be beneficial to their children and family?

My remarks are on Christian church schools, because of the radio programme subject. The same remarks are probably equally applicable to other religions’ schools.


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