Clutching At Straws

Thoughts on healing:

In Mark’s gospel (Mark 5: 21-43), he relates the story of the woman who had been bleeding for 12 years and also the account of Jairus’ dying daughter.

In those days, the bleeding woman (no pun intended) would have been an outcast; unclean and anyone who touched her would also be thought have become unclean and would by shunned by society.

The woman had exhausted her money looking for a cure for many years and was, by the time she heard about Jesus, destitute. Jairus also did not know where else to turn, to try to save his mortally ill daughter. Both of these people had reached their wits end and had turned to Jesus in desperation as a last resort, the woman for a cure for herself and Jairus for his daughter.

When the woman touched Jesus he was already on his way to Jairus’ home, with the crowd milling around him. The woman would have known that if Jesus touched her, he too would be thought to have become unclean, although we know now that, Jesus would not have concerned himself about touching the woman. Perhaps it was she did not want to taint Him that she ‘hid’ in the crowd following Jesus, until she was able to reach out to touch his cloak and her bleeding was cured.

Even in the press of bodies around him, Jesus knew he had been deliberately touched, not an accident in the press of the crowd, and he asked “Who touched me”. He probably already knew who it was but asked anyway. When she came forward he was not angry; He said it was her faith that had healed her. Not just cured but healed, it was not just the bleeding that had stopped; she had been made whole again too.

Jairus, knowing how ill his daughter was, must have been beside himself at the delay caused by the woman, and then came the dreadful news that his daughter was dead, his attempt to save her had come to naught. But Jesus reassured him and continued on to the priest’s house, arriving to the sound of weeping and wailing, as was common in mourning the dead then.

Arriving at Jairus’ house, Jesus sent out everyone except a few of His closest disciples. Going to the girl he said “Talitha koum.” (Little girl, I say to you get up). The next thing he said was an instruction to give her something to eat, just a s doctor then or today might.

Jesus cured Jairus’ daughter but by doing so, he also healed Jairus.

Note distinction between healing and curing. To be cured is just to be made physically, or mentally, as you were before the illness or accident. To be healed is to be made whole again; free of pain and at peace. Jesus both cured and healed the woman who had been bleeding but for Jairus, he cured his daughter and healed Jairus himself.

Which is more important to you, to be cured or to be healed?


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