The Iron Lady: Film Review

Margaret Hilda Thatcher’s story is told in flashback, a kind of film making I don’t usually favour but for The Iron Lady it did seem to be appropriate.

Meryl Streep, as the eponymous Iron Lady, Margaret Hilda Thatcher was surprisingly good, and believable in the part, at least to me as someone who lived through her era of power. It is no spoiler to say that the movie is as much about Margaret the person, as it is about Margaret the politician and of course the politics could not be neglected, as this was perhaps the biggest influence of what made her the person she would ultimately became.

Streep was able to convey Margaret’s strength of character but also exposed some surprising vulnerabilities, and with the unwavering support of her husband Dennis, how she dealt with them. Indeed it may be that without Dennis’ support, she would not have achieved so much.

This is no ‘popcorn’ movie where you can just sit back, you need to pay attention or you will miss so much, like the few touches of subtle humour.

The Iron Lady is not a movie that will appeal to fans of the blockbuster, glossy all action genre of film, and it might be that it would not be fully appreciated by someone who didn’t live through Maggie’s premiership. For the thoughtful filmgoer this movie will be a small treat and the minor snippets of poor scripting can be forgiven.

The finale of the film is powerful and moving so I shall not spoil it here, if you haven’t seen it.

The memorable quote that remains with me, said by Meryl as Margaret, is:

“It used to be about trying to do something.
Now it’s about trying to be someone.”

My film reviews are when I see the film, which might not be soon after release. I write what I think and feel so my reviews are sometimes subjective rather than objective.

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