Maggie: R.I.P.

MaggiI have been reading, with some disquiet, reports in the press of possible protests which might mar Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. Whilst not a particular fan of Maggi, I do think it would be wrong to use her funeral as an opportunity for protest. I am especially concerned that some protest voices seem to come from people who were not born during Maggi’s reign from Downing Street, or were so young as to have little concept of the then state of the nation.

To be clear about my own politics in respect of Maggi; when she came to power I was in my early twenties and I supported her but was not then so politically aware, or concerned as I am today. Hindsight, and experience, makes everyone wise and by knowing now what I did not know then, perhaps I wouldn’t have voted for her.

Margaret Thatcher was rare in politics, she was a conviction politician. She did what she believed was needed for the nation, not what would be popular. Maybe it was not the best thing to do, history, academic study and, probably to the greater extent, the media will judge that. but she believed what she was doing was for the best. She did not bow to popular or political opinion, in her quest to improve life in Great Britain. Arguably, Maggi put the Great back into Britain.

We must also consider the feelings of Maggi’s family. Any of us at a funeral for a loved one or family member that was was disrupted, would be angry and upset. No one should act at any funeral in a way they would not act at a funeral for a member of their own family.

Whether or not you agree with Margaret Hilda Thatcher’s politics and whether or not you liked her or loathed her, she did what she believed was the best for Great Britain and the United Kingdom. For this alone, if for nothing else, she deserves a respectful, dignified final public event as her mortal remains are laid to rest.

R.I.P Maggi.

Addendum, added 17th April. Was pleased that although the were a few protests, the funeral was not disrupted.


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