Church_SketchNo alarm on Sunday morning, I just wake up when I wake up and get up a few minutes later. Breakfast, shower and shave. Then leave in time to take a gentle stroll the short distance to the Church I attend.

I often arrive early enough to call into the coffee bar for a while before service time; there’s almost always someone I know there to chat with, until it’s time to take the short path to the Church.

No duties this week so I just collect a hymn book, the week’s service sheet and notices and take a seat. Sometimes with friends, sometimes on my own although it’s quite unusual if no one joins me before the service begins.

A familiar order of service, as are the first couple of hymns. A visiting vicar some weeks , quite an interesting sermon, then The Peace, Communion, Blessing and back to the coffee bar.

I hardly remember the sermon by the time I sit down with my coffee and cake. By the time I’m strolling home, thinking about the gardening I intend to do that afternoon, I’ve forgotten it altogether and by the end of the afternoon I’m just thinking about the forthcoming week. During the week, I barely think about Sunday, until late on Saturday.

Does this sound a bit familiar to you? We all know that Church shouldn‘t
be just on Sunday and that we should remember our Lord Jesus Christ every
day but how many of us do? I know I don’t as much as I know I should.


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