Spring Harvest: What’s the Point Of It?

SHI’ve been going to Spring Harvest now for, I think, about 5 years with some wonderful friends Gus and Heather and have just returned from the 2013 event. I love it, with it’s mix of entertainment, talks, drama, music, bible teaching, this year by Gerrard Kelly which was good but not, I’m afraid, quite as inspired as it was 3 (I think) years ago. I even like finding out what the charities exhibiting in the Skyline exhibition area are doing. At Spring Harvest I get to spend quality time with friends old and new, with a common faith.

Common! did I really say common? Nothing about Christianity is common, it is extraordinary.

But what does Spring Harvest do for me, does it last after I drive out of the gate for the last time at the end of that exciting annual event?

I don’t know why the question occurred to me but, maybe, I have some kind of an answer, at least one that is right for me.

Being a Christian isn’t just a Spring Harvest thing (I suppose if it were, I probably shouldn’t call myself christian), or just a Sunday thing. It’s supposed to be an everyday thing, a way to live. Do we all live that way everyday? I know I don’t and I suspect a lot more of us don’t either, but we are forgiven for that in God’s grace so long as we accept that gift. From time to time, we need reminding about our faith, our church and how Christians should live. Spring Harvest, for me at least, is that reminder, a very big reminder. It’s a place for thoughts, ideas and inspiration to take back to our churches, and into our lives.

Years ago I went on a team building day with colleagues at work and our team leader used an allusion that seems to work for Spring Harvest too; after a saw has been used for a long time, it gets blunt and doesn’t cut so well. It takes longer with more effort to cut through the wood. Do we just keep cutting: No, we stop and take the time to sharpen the saw, which now not only cuts faster but leaves a cleaner finish too.

I think that once a year spring Harvest helps me sharpen up.

How about you?


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