Intercession Prayer For Sunday 17th March 2013

Prayer1-1 smallLord God, father of our saviour Jesus Christ, who promised through Your son to hear our prayers, we ask you to hear us now. We know that you will answer these prayers; not perhaps as we wish or expect but as you know we need.

You alone know the future, Lord, as did your son when he rebuked Judas after Mary poured the perfume over his feet (John 12: 3-8). We do not ask to know the future, as Jesus did, but that by Your grace we have the strength to accept whatever it might be.

From what will be, we look back to what has been and give thanks for St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, whose day it is today (Sunday 17th March) and who brought to them the doctrine of Your Holy Trinity, by the example of the three leafed shamrock.

As we pass through this time of Lent, preparing to mourn Jesus’ death and his new life, we pray for those whose life is a perpetual Lent. As we give up perhaps a drink, or a bar of chocolate, we think of those for whom life is a continual fast; for those who have nothing to give up because they always go without.

We pray for those lacking in the basic necessities we take for granted;
for those short of food because of climate, natural disaster or conflict.
for those in need of medical supplies and shelter.

Father God, we pray for your mercy on all those fighting in places like Syria, Afghanistan and greater or lesser conflicts we might or might not know about. We ask for your wisdom for the peacemakers,

Your comfort for the refugees,
your tolerance in places where the displaced flee to,
and your strength for the aid workers.

Lord above, we pray for peace not at any price at your price. Make us all your children, rich with your love, generosity and justice so that we can afford to pay the cost of your peace.

Nineteen years ago, in the week passed, the first female priests were ordained into the Anglican Church. We pray for our Synod that, with the guidance of Your Holy Spirit, the first female Bishops might be appointed before the end of their 20th year of ordination.

As we look beyond our Anglican order, to your broad and diverse church, Father, we pray for the new Pope, Francis, the 266th Pope elected this week. May we learn and take example from his humility, commitment to social justice and from his simple lifestyle. We ask you to guide us, as you guide him, in the work you lead us to.

Eternal Father, shepherd and guide, may Francis lead the Catholic faith, Christians and all who see your mercy and faith, closer to You.

We pray for ourselves and for our family, friends and those we know who need your healing blessing because of illness, infirmity or injury. And in a few moments of silence we place before you Lord, the cares, concerns and praise in each of our own hearts.

God and father to us all, may the words of our prayer and the meditation of our hearts be pleasing in your sight, our rock and our redeemer.

Merciful Father, Accept this prayer for the sake of Your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.



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