As little Harry (son of a friend) came out of hospital a while ago, I was happy for him and his family. For once, I remembered to say a prayer of thanks, for the success of his treatment. It also started me thinking; if God meant us to have quite this much power over life and death. Shouldn’t this be just in his safe care? Perhaps it still is; perhaps the hand of the surgeon was guided and  held steady in the hand of God, as the operation was performed.

Some people believe it is possible to create life, after all we  have the ability to clone sheep, carry out artificial insemination and make ‘test-tube babies’; where might it all end? I disagree, though, that this is actually creation of life. I also started to ponder just how far medical research could or, perhaps more importantly, should go.

In all of these cases we, humankind, did not create the living cells from which Dolly the sheep and human babies grew. Our scientists merely harvested the necessary cells and brought those cells together, under controlled conditions, so that they could join and create the sentient, conscious life. Those cells were already alive, humans did not; can not create the living cells from which that life grew. The sexual act, enjoyable as it is in the human species, or the act of any other species for that matter, is just a natural means of bringing together the cells that grow into the complex life that we know.

So can we, mere humans that we are, create life? No, I don’t believe we can. I think that we are the means to facilitate the procreation of the life God created.


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