A modern computer is said to be capable of “multitasking”, but in the true sense it does not. It performs tasks in a sequence switching from one to another at incredible speed, faster than the the blink of an eye or space of a heartbeat. It is that speed that gives us humans the impression it is doing many things at once. Could it be that God works in a similar way? Might God not be multitasking but operating at such a speed he also seems to be everywhere, able to to everything at once? Not an infinite presence but operating at infinite speed.

I’m not suggesting, in any sense, that God bears any kind of comparison with any computer. Computers work with pure logic and is incapable of doing anything not programmed into its software. A computer has no compassion or insight, it cannot understand emotions or feelings all it can do is follow a set of instructions, but just suppose for a moment that God dealt with us in the manner in which a computer operates, we would each be handled in sequence.

Our prayers would be in a queue, listened to one-by-one and His answers would be given one at a time. All this would happen so fast we’d never know he wasn’t listening to each of us individually. After all, God didn’t create the world in one go, it took him six days (and who says that a day to Him is the same as it is to us), a sequence of events. So who is to say he doesn’t deal with us in the same manner.

I admit this theory is an unlikely scenario but is it completely beyond the pounds of all probability?


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