A Skinny Man

Most of the pictures I can remember seeing that depict Jesus, show him as a slim, thin or slight man albeit sometimes quite tall. Maybe he was but I’m not so sure though.

Jesus was brought up by a carpenter, Joseph, to be a carpenter, in a manual job without all the modern, powered tools we have today and all to often rely on. He would have had to move some heavy pieces of wood, quite possibly uncut logs that would need to be cut down in size and/or into planks. Some of the tools, all wielded by hand, would have been hard to us, needing a lot of effort. Even the sharpening of the tools would have been by hand, so carpentry was not just a skilled trade but hard manual work.

Through the years of all this manual labour, Jesus would not have just developed his skill in the trade, he probably built up muscles too, becoming quite a strong, fit young man. It is conceivable then that he might have been quite a well built man with a good physique.

I can think of two pieces of evidence to support this theory, although there are probably more. Jesus overturned the tables of the money-lenders in the temple (Matthew 21: 12)? The rough tables of the day were probably heavy and made of thick timbers. An,d he carried his own cross at least part of the way to Calgary. After His treatment, and flogging at the hands of His captors, which would have weakened Him, this would be no mean feat. So just maybe he was not the slim, or skinny man as so often depicted in art.


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