Atheism and The Bible

I can understand that atheists do not believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I can also see to some degree whey they don’t believe in what The Bible says. Even as a believer, I know that not every word of The Bible is factually true but that does not mean The Bible does not contain truth; it does, much bigger truth than just the words themselves.

However, more to the intended point of this post, even if I did not believe Jesus existed, was crucified and rose again, I could appreciate the wisdom of the teaching of the man The Bible calls Jesus.

It is not necessary to believe in the person called Jesus to believe that his teaching, as has been passed down to us in the gospels of Luke and the other Disciples, is a good way to live and to treat our fellow human beings, both individually and collectively.

There is nothing wrong with atheism per-se but in running down and railing against Christianity, which seems to be the main although not exclusive target of their ire,some atheists are themselves behaving like a religion, evangelising their cause and trying to get converts. I find a certain irony in this.


6 thoughts on “Atheism and The Bible

  1. Brandye Dague

    Of all the blogs I’ve read thus far I think this one tops them all! This is great! I personally think it takes a lot of faith to believe in nothing…I mean come’on if you know anything about science u gotta believe in a creator. It’s funny how much Biblical Principle is still in the world – the same world that works so hard to push against God, Jesus & the Word.

    1. jandws Post author

      Thank you for the kind comment, Brandye. It is appreciated that you make the time and effort to do so.

  2. Jefferson

    When I’d try to convince my Dad that it was OK for me to go to a rated-r movie or something else like that, I’d usually say something like, “The movie is just fine. It’s just about 10 minutes of gore and sex.”

    He’d respond, “If I were to place a cake in front of you and tell you it was yours, would you want it? What if I told you there was just a little poop somewhere in that cake? MOST of it might be good, but somewhere among the chunks of chocolate . . . a turd is waiting. Would you eat it then?”

    Yes, Jesus said some good stuff. If you’d like to pick it out from all the other things in the Bible – be my guest. You’ll live a good life, I’m sure, and probably a meaningful one. The bible, though, contains much more than a little bit of poop to work your way around, and most often it’s impossible to avoid it all and is much more destructive than a foul-tasting mouthful of feces…

    Just my two cents 😛

  3. The Wisdom of Life

    There are many kinds of non-theists. This group as a whole includes everything from skeptics to agnostics all the way to atheists. Some atheists are also anti-theist. This is a small but vocal segment of the whole group of non theists. Unfortunately it gets the most attention from those who do not know the full breadth of the non-theist movement, many of which do not have a hostile position toward deist view, simply an affirmative view toward an evidence based ethics, rather than tradition and authority and faith based ethics. The typical justification for anti theism is that religion is harmful. That the underlying idea that people are evil is harmful and need to be saved by some kind of divine murder of an innocent person and that to teach children that whole idea is abuse. It infiltrates government, imposes its view and so on, therefore it must be fought. I think your observation is correct if it is limited to this small (but vocal) anti-theist segment which looks and behaves like religion with a new paint job on the devil as religion and god as science. I would also agree that this type of behavior is harmful no matter where it comes from. Some segments of religion do this such as westboro baptist church do not represent the whole of Christianity, but they often get an undue share of the character of the church by those who do not know the larger picture, The same way this small group does not represent the whole of Christianity, neither does the anti-theist segment of non-theists represent the whole of the non-theist movement.

    1. jandws Post author

      Thank you for the well considered, thoughtful comment. I write only from my own experience and opinion, nevertheless I have added a small edit to the final paragraph, noting that only some atheists (including some I have met) behave in this manner. I did not intend to ‘tar them all with the same brush’.

      P.S. I have not seen the term non-theist before.

      1. The Wisdom of Life

        You’re welcome. Non-theists is just a term that broadly encompasses the whole community that align around the rules set forth by reality (more or less). These folks no inhabit the church as well. Many people are in church for the community and perhaps the “moral” of the story, and not as much the literal axioms of the faith. I am fairly certain it is social convention more so than anything else that does not call out this benign hypocrisy in the church community that otherwise says they believe with all their heart and so on. For instance: People patiently listen to the sermon on the power of faith being able to cast the mountain into the sea, nod their heads and gain the gist of the message and apply it to their life, but they also steer clear of boulders rolling down the mountainside at them rather than casting them by faith into the sea. The important point for them is family and community unity and the social caring aspect of the whole community, and I believe that community aspect transcends and trumps the superficial lines of any cultural traditions we happen to carry whether secular or not.
        Your view strikes me as well reasoned. If I understand it correctly, you think there is nothing wrong with holding a view different than your own, but you think it is destructive to use a view to devalue others with different views. If so, I agree. None of us have a monopoly on insight, but it stands to reason that if we treat each other as valuable, the world will be a better place.

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