Are All Prayers Always From Us To God?

Almost everyone prays at some time, I think that even some atheists pray to a ‘higher power’ that they just don’t call God and agnostics sometimes just want to cover all their options. But is prayer always one way communication, from us to God? I don’t think so, I think sometimes God uses our prayer to speak to us.

Our individual prayers, the ones each of us offer to Him in private, are almost certainly just us speaking to God; note I say to and not with because we are usually far more concerned with what we want to say to him, than to hear what he wants to say to us.

But what about group or communal prayers, such as the intercessory prayers spoken in churches? These are usually prayed on behalf of the community by one person or a small team and are prayed out loud for the group, community or congregation. It might be that God uses the prayer leader as a way to speak through him to the group he, or she is leading in prayer.

Is it possible that God uses the spoken prayer to sow thoughts and ideas into the minds of the listeners? God could be guiding the speaker, through the Holy Spirit, probably without his or her concious knowledge, to spread a message needed by a group at that time. There might even be occasions where this becomes a modern day prophecy. Prayers aren’t just to ask God to do something for us, they can be a call to action for us to do something too, even if it’s just God’s way of helping us to help ourselves.

God doesn’t care what words you use in prayer, only what you mean. He will always understand you.

Try and think of prayer as talking with God, not just talking to Him.


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