The Ultimate Mobile Communication

I expect that most if not all readers of this blog, own a mobile phone and perhaps you are using it to read this blog. Coverage these days is pretty good, although there’s still areas in every country of the world where the signal is poor or non-existent; you dial a number but nothing rings.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest that you dispense with the mobile phone, it has its place and is useful for more and more things all the time but, too many people seem to worship their mobile. They look at it lovingly, holding it tenderly in their han,d unable to put it down. It seems as if their life revolves around their mobile, like they can’t live without it.

A mobile phone is useful, helpful and can make our lives a bit easier but it is a tool, a facility so why not treat it like one. Nobody needs to check their mobile every 30 seconds for new messages. Mobiles ring, beep, they play music vibrate vibrate and flash. They have plenty of ways of telling you there’s a message for you. You don’t need to keep checking all the time.

Every person, every single one of us carries with us the ultimate in mobile communication.  You don’t need to charge the battery. You can place a call from anywhere, at any time, and it will always get through. You never get a wrong number. All calls are free, so you never run out of credit, The call is always answered (although not perhaps as you expect) and the message always gets through.

Try it sometime;  what have you got to lose, go on…PRAY


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