Is There Hypocrisy In The Prime Minister’s Christmas Message?

The BBC News, and other sources have reported that the Prime Minister, in his Christmas message, quoted from The Bible. Referring to the gospel of John he said “The Gospel of John tells us that [Jesus] was life, and that his life was the light of all mankind, and that he came with grace, truth and love,” going on to say that “God’s word reminds us that Jesus was the Prince of Peace”.

This reference in his speech seems, to me at least and I think probably other’s too, to be hypocrisy. PM David Cameron is selectively using quotes from The Bible when it suits him to do so but is at the same time trying to force through Parliament a bill to permit same sex marriage here in the UK.

If PM Cameron is going to quote from the bible on one topic, he should make clear to the British people what The Bible says on another topic, with which he and his government is currently involved.

But of course he is a politician, so I guess we should expect him to pick and choose quotes that suit his purposes.


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