In Mark 5: 1 – 20, Jesus healed a man, possessed by demons who called themselves Legion. Mark says that Jesus drove the demons from the man into a herd of two thousand pigs. The pigs then rush into a lake and drown.

In biblical times, multiple personality, or schizophrenic disorders were unknown but maybe this was what the man was suffering from, and I think is what might be diagnosed today.

Whether or not Jesus drove out demon,s or cured a personality disorder he healed the man of the  affliction, He was then able to return home but what of the herdsmen looking after the pigs?

To Judaism, pigs are unclean animals, although there was in biblical times good, practical reason for this. Looking after pigs then was not an honourable profession, so it might be that the herdsmen were virtually outcasts. Nevertheless, because of the pigs they had employment and were able to look after themselves and their families. What now of these men after the loss of two thousand swine? How did healing one man affect these others? We are not told but could it be possible that one good act had a detrimental affect on others.

Is this the only time where one good act had possibly unexpected consequences that hurt others?


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