Spirit In The Sky

No, not the song from 1969 by Norman Greenbaum. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say spirit in the universe, or in creation. You have probably gathered by now that I am referring to God’s Holy Spirit, which is everywhere all of the time, even if we can’t see, hear or feel it.

The Holy Spirit is nowhere, yet everywhere. It is intangible yet touches us all. It is something we can’t see, touch, taste, hear or smell … or can we? People will all have their own different experience or idea about it, or a different opinion. These are simply my own personal ideas about the Holy Spirit.

Although we cannot physically prove the Spirit is with us, we can sometimes perceive its presence or we can hear it, not with our ears but with out hearts and minds. I have from time-to-time wondered if the Spirit might be like a wind, or a flame. Both can be felt, but both are intangible, they cannot be touched but their effects and presence can be see and felt. Or perhaps a better analogy is that the Holy Spirit is like a thought. Again intangible but the results of which can be sensed and can lead to doing things small and sometimes great. And of course an idea cannot die, like the Spirit itself. Ideas grow and spread.

I think too that it is impossible to ‘shut the spirit out. You can close your mind so you will not hear it, or you you can ignore it completely but it can’t be shut out.

And although I’ve said you cannot be touched by the spirit surely, when someone’s whose actions are guided by the spirit affect you; touch you, you have in a way been touched by the Spirit, even if you don’t realise it yourself.

The Holy Spirit works through us, if we let it. Suppose for a moment the holy spirit were a pen or pencil. It is useless unless a person picks it up and writes with it. The Holy Spirit can do anything through us but nothing without us.  So go and ‘pick up that pen’.


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