Are You Afraid To Win?

Loosing is easy, anyone can do it, anywhere and at any time  Sometimes winning might be easy too but do we ever lose when we can, or we should, win? I think that sometimes we do, but why?

Winning might be hard but after you’ve won what then? There was a saying that I remember hearing after the Gulf War that went (something like) we’ve won the war, now we have to win the peace.

Winners have a responsibility, a much greater responsibility than the losers. Winning might be the end of the battle, or the war, but often it is the beginning of something much harder, the challenge of rebuilding, caring for the welfare and well-being of the vanquished, stewardship of their assets, maybe their communities, maybe even countries until they are ready to take on that responsibility again for themselves.

I wonder how many people have lost an argument or some other kind of battle not because winning was too hard but because it was just too much responsibility, because a winner can’t just walk away.

I remember an incident from my childhood; a fight with my younger brother. I won, or did I? Certainly after the fight I was unhurt, my brother was hurt to the degree that my parents took him to the doctor. I might have been physically unhurt, but I worried about it for ages. Not only about what I might have done to my brother but what my parents would do to me. As it happens, on this occasion they were wise enough to realise that, I understood what I had done and that the way I felt was probably worse than any punishment they could inflict on me. So who really won?

God is never afraid to take responsibility for us but we, too often, are afraid to trust in God. Have faith in Jesus’ word and God will help us to win when it’s right and, after we have won, He will give us the strength to carry the responsibility of winning.


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