The Idols We Worship Today.

There are many places in The Bible where prophets, disciples kings, and The King of kings himself, Jesus, had to turn people away from false gods. One I read recently is 1 Kings 18: 16 – 45, where Elijah calls down fire to from the one true God to discredit the idol, Baal; it made me think about today’s idols. We know today that things are not gods but we still treat things with a kind of worship; we idolise them.

What are today’s idols? These are a few I can think of quickly, I know you can add to the list:

Pop stars
Football (or other) sport clubs/teams.

 The list is in no particular order and, I guess, the one closest to an idol for me is technology. Unlike some people though, I don’t feel the need to get or upgrade to the latest gadget or gizmo every time a new one is launched.

In technology, Apple seems to be virtually (pun intended) worshipped by thousands of people. Just think about the queues for the iPhone 5 launch. All waiting for the iPhone that will do so much more than the last iPhone. Most of those people probably use less than half the functions of the last model.

Apple itself perpetuates the myth in the way it lays out its retail stores, like alters to bow down at with a different idol on each (that is not to deny that their products are well designed and easy to use, albeit expensive).

And why are sportsmen worshipped? The true sportsmen are the amateurs, who do not get paid. Those that get the worship earn more money than I will earn in my lifetime, just by doing the ‘job’ they are paid for. Professional sport (I use the term “sport” advisedly) is now just a business, a commercial enterprise designed to part us from more of our hard earned money.

In some cases religion itself, or the symbols of faith, are in danger of becoming idols, turning our attention away from the true God to ourselves and our own desires and wants.

As with most of my writing, I have no answers but I hope my opinions will prompt others to consider the problem of what idols we worship in this modern day.

 What are your idols?


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