John The Baptist Imprisoned.

John the Baptist was imprisoned by Herod Antipas , because he publicly reproved Herod for divorcing his first wife, Phasaelis, and then, apparently unlawfully, taking Herodias his brother’s wife for himself. John was ultimately killed after Herod was seemingly manipulated by Herodias’ daughter, Salome, into ordering John to be beheaded.


After John’s arrest, Herod kept him imprisoned until his eventual execution. However I wonder if John was really imprisoned by Herod? Physically, of course he was but John’s true prison was perhaps not the bars that held him captive; John was a prisoner of faith. Faith in “the one more powerful than I” (Mark 1: 7). John’s binding by faith was what gave him strength, courage and, I believe in a strange kind of way, Freedom.

I wonder if I will ever be quite that ‘free’?


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