World War One + 100 Years

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister (but maybe not for much longer, if Scotland has it’s way over independence) has announced Britain will commemorate the first world war in 2014. This would be 100 years after the start of that war, to remember the 16 million people who made an extraordinary sacrifice, for which £50 million will be given by the government (public).

I firmly believe it is right to commemorate everyone who fought, and especially those who gave their lives. It must make clear to everyone the horror of war, especially as, I think, the majority of this country, myself included, have only ever seen war as a news item from far away, that doesn’t really touch us.

What I disagree with, is the timing of the commemoration. Surely it would be far better to commemorate the end of the war 1918, and commemorate that centenary in 2018. Remember those who fought, and died yes, but commemorate the end of the killing, not the beginning.

See the BBC news item on this topic.


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